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Smart Home - What I want to Control
Please check all that apply*

I want WiFi in every room but I don’t want to see a lot of wires and equipmentI want mobile control of my house - anywhere in the worldI want voice control when I am in my house

I want TV's in multiple rooms - without equipment clutterI want TV's in patio and swimming pool areas - without equipment clutterI want to be able to listen to music in every room with the ability to control it with the touch of a button or my voiceI want to be able to listen to music in outdoor areas (i.e., patio and swimming pool areas)I want whatever I am watching on TV to follow me from room to room as I move through my houseI want a movie theatre experience - without having to leave homeI want to receive “over-the-air” free TV signal

I want outdoor video surveillance cameras – and to be notified on movementI want an alert when my garage door goes up/downI want an alert when my front door is openedI want an alert when windows are openedI want to manage my entrance door locks remotelyI want to see who's at my front door

I want my home temperature to adjust to my habitsI want to be able to turn my lights on and off remotelyI want lights to automatically go on when people enter a roomI want lights to automatically turn off when no movement is detectedI want automated window shadesI want an automated sprinkler system that I can also control remotelyI want to monitor indoor humidity and control it at home or while on the roadI want to control the temperature and control it at home or while on the roadI want to monitor outside temperature, humidity, rainfall, pressure, and wind

I want my electronic files accessible anywhere in the house (e.g. recipes, calendars, etc.)I want Internet based phone (VoiP)I want a better cell phone signal

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