The best and most cost effective way to have a Smart Home is to have it wired during the construction phase. There is minimal cost to doing this at this stage and your home will be ready to add on Smart Appliances and devices in the future without having to tear up walls.

At Abanade we work with new homebuilders to plan the structured wiring for Video (Coaxial), Audio and Internet (Cat5e and Cat6) wiring, using industry standards. Our pricing model is based on end-to-end solutions, including a planning session with homeowners, running and terminating the cables, testing and final design and implementation of the home automation solution.

The wiring is typically either Category 5e (or Cat 6) Ethernet cabling or coaxial cable like that used for cable TV, or some combination of both, with other technologies mixed in. Doing the wiring during construction is cost effective because the walls are accessible and allows for the total wiring cost to be built into home building cost. When you build that cost into the mortgage, it adds only pennies to the monthly payment and can increase the resale value of the home. Wiring a house after it is built can be done but is more complicated and more expensive than during the construction phase.

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