The WiFi is a wireless network that provides the highway for all devices in your home to interconnect and communicate with each other and your PC, Phone or tablet. You can connect your WiFi network to the Internet to allow you to access websites, social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter), Netflix, and all other Internet services. Additionally, while connected to the Internet, WiFi allows you to interact with your home devices while you are away from your home.

The home construction phase is the ideal time to set up a home for the most efficient and complete coverage.

  • For new home construction, we will conduct a WiFi analysis of your home before it is built, using the architectural plans to determine the proper placement for transmitter radios** (WiFi access points) for complete wireless network coverage throughout your home. This analysis will also map out the best location for wireless access points that could be run inside walls before they are closed.
  • For existing homes, our assessment takes into account the material of the walls and determines the best location for the transmitter radios** (WiFi access points) to address blind spots and ensure complete wireless network coverage in the home.

**The transmitter radios (WiFi access points) we use are built into the walls with a very low profile appearance that look similar to small smoke detectors. You will not see a jumble of wires and won’t need to realign antennas.

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